Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional

If the circumstance are defining factor then Hellen Keller would not have been possibly successful in this world or neither Martin Luther King.
Poor farmer son became Abraham Lincoln, President of US, Ignored author became J.K.Rowling ,very famous author of 7 series of Harry Potter, Ignored actor became Rambo Star, Sylvster Stallon, rejected sound artist became superstar of Bollywood & legend, Amitabh Bacchan.

I can stretch list till 1000 km if I tell you how despite odds people decided (Chose?) to become successful.
It’s always how we react to things that matter most.

If our values are strong, certainly we will survive in windy storm or nasty blows. It’s not about how hard you get hit but how hard you want to jump back.

I always say , Pain is inevitable & but suffering is optional.

You cannot avoid pain but possibly you can try to control your reaction towards pain. No matter how hard your current reality, if you persist hard, you will reach sea shore of your goal.

Stop not till the goal is achieved.

Keep celebrating life.



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