No complaints day

Funny title indeed , right? Some people will still “complain” about title….hahha

While having a coffee this morning,  I read about no complaints day article and it was eye opener….I started wondering how often we are not grateful for what we have but miserable for what we dont have.

Complaining is really easy competition where anyone can participate as its voluntary and free of cost.

But of course it takes courage to take lead rather than buck passing or complaining.

So why do people complain often? Because its more easy way to avoid task. Of course its brain science that brain see for simpler ways to tackle issue. Remember how many times you are happy coz of report you are supposed to do tonight for tomorrow’s meeting,  you get happy when you know meeting has been postponed even by one tiny day.

And procrastination is the mother of complaining. So sometime we should really decide that atleast a day in week , we will not complain for anything at all. We will not blame anyone neither procrastinate nor complain…..

Lets celebrate gratitude. Having “something” or having “nothing” is just state of mind.

Even small activity of kindness will change your perspective. Atleast do 3 activities of gratitude today.

By the way, world really needs helpful , kind and compassionate people…..you can be one of them !

Keep reading and keep responding ( also an act of kindness , hahha)



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