Judge others at your own peril

We like to judge people & its pretty much natural process except we stick our stereotypes to it & try to prove our “rightness” than the other person. When we care for someone , we should be much more careful  to what we talk & how we talk to her. 

Best advice is to try to understand others from their shoes. It’s always easier to show people how pity they are but it takes courage for to show compassion. Win-win situation in relationships work. But still we should give respect to the people around.

Why we should not judge people ???

  1. You don know their background.
  2. You don’t know &  what is their thought process.
  3. Other person is not always wrong even cynically we feel so.
  4. Perception towards anything should be  changed in normal mode.
  5. You should not fight nor big words which hurts you & your soul mate.
  6. They feel very bad if your “judgment” means their end of everything.


The list can go on & on. Let her feel that she is one of the best girl you can ever met.

Challenging emotions towards something good is  not always nicer experience, when we control our emotions half the battle is already done. Brain is always puzzled with the emotions. Our mind constantly juggle between Rational one & Emotional one. Rather , we should have a very exciting discussion where we can actually solve the problem . Next time when you judge people , make sure your own shoes are not dirty.

Emotions are so powerful  & if you can control them they will be your slaves otherwise they will be your demon monster & suck your enthusiasm dry.


Keep celebrating life  !


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