Don’t read this blog if you think you are loser……


Stop not, till the goal is reached. You are not loser so mind your words if you dare to say you will lose & nobody cares for you. It is not truth, god is not disappeared yet & he is there to justice. Why the hell you think you are coward & ship while god has made you lion. Go & grab the opportunities. When you see the opportunity is knocking door …dont just open door go and jump on it.

You are lion my dear friend….dont loose hope coz of one battle lost…….nooooooooooo…you have a war to win …..don’t doubt on your ability…..out of billions of sperms you have been chosen ……for no reason? No, there is some reason why you have born.  Yes, you can, Impossible should be read as I – M – Possible.

Don’t waste energy on being emotional for girlfriend left or tire punctured or you don’t get extra % of increment etc.  These things are nothing in front of what you can achieve.

Still negativity pops in ????….then knock it out same as Mike Tyson used to beat his opponent with knock-out punch.  You are superior , you are not sheep , you are born to be king ….alas you have not realized it yet….how many people read this blog & how many will change their life after reading this?????? I don’t know but my blog is been read by GOD……I hope he will like it…………

You are winner………Please believe in yourself…….nothing is over until everything is over………..

Keep celebrating life & keep kicking negative thoughts……….


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