Yes, stress needed !!!!

While visiting one of hospital to just meet one patient. I saw huge crowd of relatives who came with the patients and it were around 700 people at a time. Which means (my freakonomical brain burnt) it were almost 350 patients whose body sytem is not working as per schedule and supposed to be…more or less.

It led me to think over it , what are the main causes which makes us ill. I am talking about general health issues here.

1. Bad food habit

2. Non nutrient based food intake.

3. Sleep deprivation.

4. Huge stress

5. Over thinking and being paranoid.

6. Anxiety


I talk about stress here. Stress can not be avoided at all considering fast tech life we are living but stress can be reduced with proper efforts and thought process. We need to forgive ourselves for something which was not in our hand and we reacted at something.

Its always 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

Stress , anxiety and phobia are normal and they are required to keep you functionally stressed which will help you to keep working and keep improving. During stress,Β  we think a lot and we became paranoid to something which was not gonna happen at all. And we react according to visualisation we show to brainΒ  (real or unreal). Brain is less often refine data and it reacts as you show to it.

Brain (Mind ? For some people) is keen to react without thinking whether its rational or not.

Stress is not always bad but if that stress become habit for you then its alarming signal.Β  Most successful people have thrived on difficult situations and during stress too.

What to do if stress pops up…

1) Stop overreacting for small issues and let it go.

2) Dont give much importance to the people who dont deserve you.

3) Work is work and family is family.

4) Replace “cant be” done with “yes it can be done.”

5) Positive affirmations.

In case of any querry please drop questions in comment column and I will keeo replying you.Β  Suggestions are welcomed and valued.

Keep celebrating life !


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