The learning from Snakes & Ladder game !


The other day while my daughter insisted to play temple run on my my iPad Air 2 , It reminds me
Of my time when we did not have any such technology and our sports & games were average too.

One of these games is “Snakes & Ladders”. And what this game has tought to me is the basically subject of my blog today. Writing at 4.03 am coz at least this time my iPad is with me.

Lessons from the game :

1) First & foremost , you have to play the game ( Take action)

2) Roll out dice ( Despite unaware about the result, you need to roll out- Being indifferent – Lord Krishna mentioned about being indifference in ” Bhagvad-Gita”

3) For once you may get 6 & other time 1 after rolling the dice. ( Luck is always exist whether you like it or not)

4) At one stage you may reach up so fast due to support of ladder ( Support from your surrounding is required)

5) You will reach on top very fast ( Celebrate success )

6) And before reaching 100, at 99 there is big snake which may take you to bottom of the game ( Be ready for failures)

7) If you win , you enjoy & if you don’t then at least  you have “experience”.

The life is nothing different than this one. So, celebrate each moment with joy & most importantly illuminate the light in those life who have very darkness ahead. That’s true service to God.

Keep celebrating the life !!!



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