Einstein was right !!!!!!!

While reading about Einstein accidentally ( Sorry, Einstein would never like the word “accident” since he always used to say that , nothing in this world comes with accident but with certain objectives )  I read his famous quote “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal not to people or objects ! Overlooking, this may seem very generic quote but no, He is Einstein. The words are not as simple as it looks. The meaning is profound. 

1) How many times you are sad only because someone has said something to you ? About you ? About your goals ?

2) How many times you have doubted on you only because someone else did ?

3) How many times you have given up the efforts only because we are not getting results we want ?

4) How many times we have paralysed / frozen our thoughts because blah blah blah blah ……?

STOP for a moment , I want to ask you simple maths.  what is your age ? Minus it from 65 ( general average living life overall globally). Let’s take examples : You are 30 yrs old and if you minus 30 from 65, answer is 35. So your remaining life is 35 yrs. Now minus 12 hrs sleep. It comes to 17.5 yrs. Now minus all other stuff eg, illness, holidays etc. So you have now 16 yrs as exact. How on earth you are confident to do something in 16 yrs if you have not done anything since last 30 yrs. 

STOP for a moment and ask yourself , how many years I am gonna live like loser? How many years I will listen to others & live for others but not for myself ?

Why I am living a routine boring life of 9 to 5? Why I can’t be what I dreamt in schooldays ?

Any  motivation driven by external force will not sustain more, the fire should be burnt from the inside. 


Next time when you get failure , remind your self, failure is not failure but learning. I will learn from it and move ahead.  My happiness should be attached with the goals and not with “what people says ” or “how many people doubts on me?” 

The day will come when you will be standing on stage & people will be eager to listen you & watch you. Press reporters are waiting to take your photos for magazines. Rock the stage that time.  But untill then ……………

Don’t be sad and be cheerful ! Soon you gonna come out as victor ! Create your own life, create empire & live like King.

Now last words of urge : DONT TIE YOUR GOALS TO POEPLE & OBJECTS BUT TO THE GOALS !!!!!!!!!!

Comments are welcome ! Thanks for sparing time to read this blog !


40 thoughts on “Einstein was right !!!!!!!”

  1. I wish you could see my face right now. That einstein quote just blew my mind.. Its too true. People let external forces ruin their mind and motivations too easily. Ive been working on fixing that, the past few years.

    Thanks for sharing.

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