What my 5 months old daughter tought me about happiness !Β 

Pretty strange topic huh? Here I wanna share with you about what I have learnt from my 3 months old daughter which I have not even learnt from Big so called “Success” seminars or “How to” books. My 3 months old daughter has became my mentor. So what I learnt ………..

1) No grudges  : 

Being an adult , we all know that as we grow we keep increasing grudge about someone at office or home. But my daughter has no grudge against anyone. 

(Only if we can “let go” things , we can be more happy than ever before. ) 

2) No shame / hesitation of learning new things :

She keeps learning new things eg. Touching objects , watching moving stuff even tv. 

( The paradox is more we become adult , more we keen to hesitate to learn new things and accept status quo.)

3) No anger against ….if something doesn’t happen in her way / no expectation :

If something doesn’t happen her way , she may show anger on face but it wont last more than 30 seconds. 

(This is very crucial considering as adult we keep expecting the things, if it happens, we are happy , if not then we stop trying or get dissatisfied. )

4) Progress even step by step :

She keeps progressing , staring from doesn’t know anything to slowly watch, touch and now she flip back-front. Right now she is trying to lift her up to crowl. ( How many times we stop progressing only because we dint get success in certain attempts. )

5) No Bias & No Judgement :

She , at her age, no bias and has no judgement against something. 

( The most common mistake any human being can do is to judge others) 

6) Smile & Love :

Hahahaa, She smiles & she loves ….when I see her smile I literally forgets all my aches & pain….( I think for this I need not to give explanation coz love is immortal ) yes , if only we all as human race starts loving all and stop hating, the world would have been better place to live. 

Last but not the least, daughters are more adorable & best creation of God. Hug them , love them, nurture them , make them strong. Let them live their own life !

 ( Those readers, who are reading this post and have daughters to them, must be having tears and  that’s best compliment for my blog.) 

Cheers !


53 thoughts on “What my 5 months old daughter tought me about happiness !Β ”

  1. That was a heartwarming, educational inspiring post!! The sweet innocence of kids is just amazing… unknowingly they touch our hearts and inspire us..

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  2. A most beautiful post from a loving father with a teachable spirit! What you share about your daughter here is precisely why our Lord Jesus Christ said that we MUST humble ourselves and become like little children in order to enter the kingdom of God. We must turn from our prideful and rebellious ways against our heavenly Father and receive His gracious gift of salvation via placing our faith in His only begotten Son who willfully suffered and died for our sins so that we might be reborn! Praise God He then indwells us with His Holy Spirit, enabling us to obey Him and live without fear (!) in holiness and righteousness all of our days. God bless you and your precious family, dear Sir!

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    1. Exactly Radhika, and you know in our society how we treat girls. But i wanna break that rule. My daughters are my everything and they will b heading my home after me. I do not need a boy to do it. Thanks. You are wonderful person.

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        1. Exactly. You are most wonderful person. Happy Diwali to you. And convey regards to Felicia. Also ask her my elder daughter of 5 yrs old was asking abt her as she is watching my mobile screen πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  3. Beautiful. Having worked with children for many years (Infants through high school through church, working in a day care in college, etc.), I’ve learned so much from them. I’m excited to start my own family with my husband in a year or two. Right now, we’re enjoying being married and working on our house. We celebrate our first wedding anniversary two weeks from today!

    Always good to see your posts. Cheers!

    Laura Beth πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Laura,

      What a pleasure to receive first comment from you. You are really lovely. I really wish you for your beautiful life. And also “Bonne Anniversaire ” And yes we learn from kids more than anyone, this I have realised just now. Please keep commenting, your words are more important for me. Cheers !

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