What my 5 months old daughter tought me about happiness ! 

Pretty strange topic huh? Here I wanna share with you about what I have learnt from my 3 months old daughter which I have not even learnt from Big so called “Success” seminars or “How to” books. My 3 months old daughter has became my mentor. So what I learnt ………..

1) No grudges  : 

Being an adult , we all know that as we grow we keep increasing grudge about someone at office or home. But my daughter has no grudge against anyone. 

(Only if we can “let go” things , we can be more happy than ever before. ) 

2) No shame / hesitation of learning new things :

She keeps learning new things eg. Touching objects , watching moving stuff even tv. 

( The paradox is more we become adult , more we keen to hesitate to learn new things and accept status quo.)

3) No anger against ….if something doesn’t happen in her way / no expectation :

If something doesn’t happen her way , she may show anger on face but it wont last more than 30 seconds. 

(This is very crucial considering as adult we keep expecting the things, if it happens, we are happy , if not then we stop trying or get dissatisfied. )

4) Progress even step by step :

She keeps progressing , staring from doesn’t know anything to slowly watch, touch and now she flip back-front. Right now she is trying to lift her up to crowl. ( How many times we stop progressing only because we dint get success in certain attempts. )

5) No Bias & No Judgement :

She , at her age, no bias and has no judgement against something. 

( The most common mistake any human being can do is to judge others) 

6) Smile & Love :

Hahahaa, She smiles & she loves ….when I see her smile I literally forgets all my aches & pain….( I think for this I need not to give explanation coz love is immortal ) yes , if only we all as human race starts loving all and stop hating, the world would have been better place to live. 

Last but not the least, daughters are more adorable & best creation of God. Hug them , love them, nurture them , make them strong. Let them live their own life !

 ( Those readers, who are reading this post and have daughters to them, must be having tears and  that’s best compliment for my blog.) 

Cheers !


Einstein was right !!!!!!!

While reading about Einstein accidentally ( Sorry, Einstein would never like the word “accident” since he always used to say that , nothing in this world comes with accident but with certain objectives )  I read his famous quote “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal not to people or objects ! Overlooking, this may seem very generic quote but no, He is Einstein. The words are not as simple as it looks. The meaning is profound. 

1) How many times you are sad only because someone has said something to you ? About you ? About your goals ?

2) How many times you have doubted on you only because someone else did ?

3) How many times you have given up the efforts only because we are not getting results we want ?

4) How many times we have paralysed / frozen our thoughts because blah blah blah blah ……?

STOP for a moment , I want to ask you simple maths.  what is your age ? Minus it from 65 ( general average living life overall globally). Let’s take examples : You are 30 yrs old and if you minus 30 from 65, answer is 35. So your remaining life is 35 yrs. Now minus 12 hrs sleep. It comes to 17.5 yrs. Now minus all other stuff eg, illness, holidays etc. So you have now 16 yrs as exact. How on earth you are confident to do something in 16 yrs if you have not done anything since last 30 yrs. 

STOP for a moment and ask yourself , how many years I am gonna live like loser? How many years I will listen to others & live for others but not for myself ?

Why I am living a routine boring life of 9 to 5? Why I can’t be what I dreamt in schooldays ?

Any  motivation driven by external force will not sustain more, the fire should be burnt from the inside. 


Next time when you get failure , remind your self, failure is not failure but learning. I will learn from it and move ahead.  My happiness should be attached with the goals and not with “what people says ” or “how many people doubts on me?” 

The day will come when you will be standing on stage & people will be eager to listen you & watch you. Press reporters are waiting to take your photos for magazines. Rock the stage that time.  But untill then ……………

Don’t be sad and be cheerful ! Soon you gonna come out as victor ! Create your own life, create empire & live like King.

Now last words of urge : DONT TIE YOUR GOALS TO POEPLE & OBJECTS BUT TO THE GOALS !!!!!!!!!!

Comments are welcome ! Thanks for sparing time to read this blog !


2 + 2 = 5 or 2 + 2 = 3 ?

What is this? 2 + 2 = 5  or 2+2 = 3? Am I insane? Mad?


It means your relationships with society , spouse , children , peers etc can make wonders (2+2 = 5) or can make your life miserable ( 2 + 2 = 3 ). It’s people power that makes the difference !

From morning since wake up untill the night we sleep, what is the one activity we do non stop is to either create / maintain the relationships with the components of the external world.

Have a good relations & your day will be rocking at home /office. Vice versa is also true. Then how to create / maintain superb relationships ?

1) Expect less ( or nothing at all if you are Saint )

2) Don’t hear but listen.

3) Don’t judge fast to someone unless you have all the information about his decision , action & inaction.

4) Give ‘space’ to other person. The bird in cage dies faster than the bird in jungle with voluntary flying.

5) Patience is the art one need to practise . Immediate expectations kills relations faster.

6) Go in his shoes to understand what he “means ” than what he “said”.

7) Be supportive & not just problem finder. Human being tend to remember the support you have given during their down time.

8) Don’t be more emotional ( I am not insane but I mean it, Positive “detachment” is what I am talking about in case of you are possessive & eventually harms yourself )

9) Be humble  & kind ( but please don’t lose your self esteem )

10) Selfless love always wins !
How many OF YOU ,believes above theory , please share your views in comment below.


The learning from Snakes & Ladder game !


The other day while my daughter insisted to play temple run on my my iPad Air 2 , It reminds me
Of my time when we did not have any such technology and our sports & games were average too.

One of these games is “Snakes & Ladders”. And what this game has tought to me is the basically subject of my blog today. Writing at 4.03 am coz at least this time my iPad is with me.

Lessons from the game :

1) First & foremost , you have to play the game ( Take action)

2) Roll out dice ( Despite unaware about the result, you need to roll out- Being indifferent – Lord Krishna mentioned about being indifference in ” Bhagvad-Gita”

3) For once you may get 6 & other time 1 after rolling the dice. ( Luck is always exist whether you like it or not)

4) At one stage you may reach up so fast due to support of ladder ( Support from your surrounding is required)

5) You will reach on top very fast ( Celebrate success )

6) And before reaching 100, at 99 there is big snake which may take you to bottom of the game ( Be ready for failures)

7) If you win , you enjoy & if you don’t then at least  you have “experience”.

The life is nothing different than this one. So, celebrate each moment with joy & most importantly illuminate the light in those life who have very darkness ahead. That’s true service to God.

Keep celebrating the life !!!



Yes, stress needed !!!!

While visiting one of hospital to just meet one patient. I saw huge crowd of relatives who came with the patients and it were around 700 people at a time. Which means (my freakonomical brain burnt) it were almost 350 patients whose body sytem is not working as per schedule and supposed to be…more or less.

It led me to think over it , what are the main causes which makes us ill. I am talking about general health issues here.

1. Bad food habit

2. Non nutrient based food intake.

3. Sleep deprivation.

4. Huge stress

5. Over thinking and being paranoid.

6. Anxiety


I talk about stress here. Stress can not be avoided at all considering fast tech life we are living but stress can be reduced with proper efforts and thought process. We need to forgive ourselves for something which was not in our hand and we reacted at something.

Its always 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

Stress , anxiety and phobia are normal and they are required to keep you functionally stressed which will help you to keep working and keep improving. During stress,  we think a lot and we became paranoid to something which was not gonna happen at all. And we react according to visualisation we show to brain  (real or unreal). Brain is less often refine data and it reacts as you show to it.

Brain (Mind ? For some people) is keen to react without thinking whether its rational or not.

Stress is not always bad but if that stress become habit for you then its alarming signal.  Most successful people have thrived on difficult situations and during stress too.

What to do if stress pops up…

1) Stop overreacting for small issues and let it go.

2) Dont give much importance to the people who dont deserve you.

3) Work is work and family is family.

4) Replace “cant be” done with “yes it can be done.”

5) Positive affirmations.

In case of any querry please drop questions in comment column and I will keeo replying you.  Suggestions are welcomed and valued.

Keep celebrating life !


Rational Optimist – How techology has made our life simple than you can imagine

Yesterday I was travelling in unknown land and was feeling like Tom Hanks in cast away. I decided to travel by bus and I had kept my car in parking area. I believe if you travel by bus in unknown land you will get to know their culture and beliefs.

So , I was yawning in bus due to long journey and was wondering what to do ? I slept a bit and when I got up i was no idea where I was now. So I just took my phone , opened GPS and immediately I got to knew on which latitude of earth I am now.


Then once I knew where I was …suddenly my interest rose up in local culture and traditions.  So what? I had google to tell all my answers. I listened songs which of course rose my motivation level. Headphone is nice invention as you can savour awesome music without disturbing others.


I got some official emails, I replied from phone and got the things done even though I was not in office.  Then , I was on social media and also told my colleagues and my fans where I was. Saw some friends had tagged me in their life memories. Some friends got married , some passed out , some has even undergone under some hardships in life. Thanks to twitter,  tumbler , G+ for letting me know whats happening around.


Then I read some news about new technological innovation changing the lifestyles. I read book on mobile on how to keep motivated all time. I read Man’s search for meaning by Victor Frankyl.

At certain stage , Internet was not working due to low network signal. And I had songs downloaded on media library.

I wrote blogs too while travelling.

Then I imagine If I would have travelled same route and same long destination in 1950s.


Would I have enjoyed same as I enjoyed now and that too with flood of intellectual information alll around without getting bored.

So , basically technologies has made our life simple than ever before. How we use it that makes the difference. Unfortunately people use internet or technology for mal practises. Pity.

But I am rational optimist and I am not just saying this coz technology has made my journey simple yesterday but It made our life convenient on all front. We have sonography machine to see the fetus is normal , we have aeroplane to travel 8 hrs journey which used to take 3 years in Columbus time,we know whats happening on moon, we can share with the world that whats in our mind ( same as you are reading this blog now), we speak with people across million distance away with just dialing 10 digits, we can see each other through video,we can have heart surgery with super-cool advanced technology,  we have YouTube to teach us if we want to learn about something and how can we forget Edison…..   


We should owe huge gratitude to new technology and old one too which keep us alive without making us less productive  ( except if you stay hours on FB to keep tagging people and sharing statuses without doing anything else productive.) 😂

Keep celebrating life and enjoy blogging. 

I would love to know your views on this topic. 

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